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The future of legal education public lecture: Transforming Higher Education for the Digital Era

How can technology be used to enhance teaching and learning? Professor Jeff Grabill will offer insights grounded in theory and practice to respond to this pressing question in his lecture Transforming Higher Education for the Digital Era (see this link for details and registration) online on 28 June 2023.

Professor Grabill will argue that the response from universities will require us to focus on what we offer as an ‘experience,’ to design it with intention, and to ensure that the experience produces real learning.

He will draw on insights from his book, Design for Change in Higher Education, to articulate an approach to learning design (as experience design). To ground that approach in some examples, he will draw from recent experiences at the University of Leeds with its large-scale educational transformation strategy to highlight changes in assessment, in particular, that have significant impact on student learning outcomes, focusing on the affordances of digital technologies to support formative assessment of learning.

An international Panel of Law Deans will then offer their insights into how technology can be successfully integrated into legal education.

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