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Dr Jen Gibbons talks about her educational research doctoral studies

In the Directions in Legal Education 2020 conference, Dr Jen Gibbons Deputy Head of York Law School in the United Kingdom will speak about Research magpies and shiny unofficial knowledge in legal education.

Jen has recently featured in this video on Lancaster University’s Educational Research Channel. I subscribe to the channel. When I got the notification I thought it would be good to share it with you.

Jen graduated from the Educational Research – Higher Education doctoral programme in the Department of Educational Research at Lancaster.

The title of her thesis is, A Bersteinian analysis of the interplay between legal knowledge and the legal professional in university Law Schools in Yorkshire and Alberta: Rule of law or rule of lawyers.

She has published extensively on legal education, most recently, for example:

  • Gibbons, J. (2018) Exploring conceptual legal knowledge building in law students’ reflective reports using theoretical constructs from the sociology of education: what, how and why? The Law Teacher 52(1) 38-52


  • Gibbons, J. (2018) Reflection, realignment and refraction: Bernstein’s evaluative rules and the summative assessment of reflective practice in a problem-based learning programme Teaching in Higher Education 1- 15

Jen has extensive experience of programme, curriculum and assessment design. I’m sure she would be very open to talking about her work when we all meet in the conference.

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