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Call for Blog Posts / Chapters

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

by Professor Michael Lower, CUHK Law

Blog contributions always welcome

As you know, we are always interested to receive posts on anything to do with legal education for our Learning Matters blog.

We hope to build up and support a lively community of people who share our interest in contributing to the improvement of legal education through the sharing of ideas and practices.

As a guide, between 1,000 and 2,000 words is probably an ideal length.

We would love to hear from conference speakers, participants and anyone with knowledge of legal education with contributions.

Themed contributions and possible edited collections

One initiative we would like to explore in the blog is the possibility of 1,500 - 2,000 word ‘themed’ blog posts that might later be collected into an e-book (in PDF format at first).

Possible themes would include the conference themes (conference papers could be turned into blog posts):

§ Diversity in Legal Education

§ Innovative Subjects in Legal Education

§ Law & Technology

§ Pedagogy

§ Professionalism & Employability

§ Students as Producers

§ Teaching Law in Time of Crisis

§ Women in Law

But other themes are possible. It might be good, for example, to have a collection on ‘inquiry and problem-based learning in legal education’.


If you agree, in the first place we would publish the posts on our blog. When we have enough contributions, we would include an introductory chapter to draw the collection together.

Of course, you could always build on this work for longer contributions such as journal articles.

Please email Michael Lower ( or Sharon Wong ( with your blog post and with an indication as to whether you would be interested in having your post appear in any subsequent edited collection.

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